Leading people to overcome current challenges and to improve people's needs for the future

We aim to allow AiVA to become synonymous with a happy and satisfactory life.
Let our supporters have embrace full happiness of a balanced life in all aspects.

High sustained income

Let our supporters have a set of sustainable high economic income

Reasonable cost

Let our supporters experience the pleasure of increased spending power

Noble quality

Let our supporters enjoy the comfort of improved quality of life

Happiness and satisfaction

Let our supporters embrace the full happiness of a balanced life

Highlight of the package

Here, we deeply feel the urgent needs of customers, supporters, leaders and partners, so everything is designed for you, thinking for your sake is the intention of what we do.

The starting point of a great business

“0” career starting fee,
“0” franchise fee,
a full sprint towards high income life.
AiVA business possess qualities such as good culture, effective system, life-long education, and strong execution.
Leaders have value, health, wealth, good lifestyle, experience, family, and happiness

High-tech products

AiVA's core technologies and products are must-have high-tech products.
Product features: high price, high value, consumables, helpful, effective, high quality, constantly upgraded, intellectual property and patent protection, a symbol of brand and taste.

Experience immediately

Immediately experience the benefits of the package.
Cost: Experience the thrill of multiplying spending power.
Quality: Enjoy the comfort of improved quality of life.
Happiness: Embrace full happiness of a balanced life.

Practical Training
Life-long Education

Develop, oversee and conduct comprehensive and robust training programmes and supporting tools for internal supporters, leaders and partners.

Our Brands

AiVA’s business scope covers:
Lifestyle Platform, Payment System, Win-win Business, Universe Constant, Travel and Hotel.

AiVA Platform

Lifestyle Platform

"Better Life Today, Bright Future Tomorrow"

AiVA Pay

Payment System

"Easy Trust, Easy Life"

AiVA Connect

Win-win Business

“Connect Business, Connect Win-Win”


Universe Constant

"Wonderful Life Begins Here"


Travel and Hotel

"Mades Life Colorful"

Thank you !

AiVA greatly appreciates all our customers, supporters, leaders, companions and employees for all their company and support along the way, allowing us to grow quickly and steadily together.