AiVA Pay

“Easy Trust, Easy Life”

Is the motto of AiVA Pay convenient cashless payment system.
One of the most convenient ways to transfer, pay and receive ABP and payment around us.
AIVA Pay is quickly and widely accepted by the market with its global synchronization,
instant transfer, convenience, security and two-way transaction features.
Currently accepting ABP transactions only.

AiVA Pay main feature

Transfer, Payment and Collection
most convenience way to make and receive ABP and payment around us


Transfer to other users of AiVA Pay


Shopping and spending at designated merchants


Merchant receives payment from AIVA Pay users

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The benefits of becoming an AIVA Pay partner!

Loyal customers

AiVA Pay and its partners work together to create a loyal customer base

Huge memberships

Connect your business to a large number of AiVA Pay members

Instant promotions

Provide instant and efficient promotional strategies and activities

Free of charge

AiVA Pay does not charge any upfront and transaction fees

Retain profits

Some ABPs can also be retained for each transaction

Extra profits

Sharing ABPs