UniCon FAQ

  • Why choose the UniCon Universe Constant Device?

    The UniCon universe constant device contains infinite positive energy, which can be combined with the pure nature of human beings, leading people to the bright future and helping them to attain an extraordinarily happy life.
  • What is the universe constant?

    Ten perfect Universe Constants: 1. Integrity, 2. Humility, 3. Action, 4. Planning, 5. Dream, 6. Gratefulness, 7. Mercy, 8. Responsibility, 9. Giving, 0. Zero.
    Everyone has an innate constant with a uniquely different combination. In the past, many accomplished people who achieved their success from scratch are good at taking advantage of their own unique constants (exploiting strengths, improving weaknesses, and balancing exuberance) to attain long-lasting happiness and prosperity in life. This is the secret of success for all well-known figures and millionaires. Although the effect of the innate constant is significant, it is hard for people to rely on their own ability to fathom and comprehend it, and may even take a long time (a lifetime) and lots of money (all assets in possession) in order to do it. It is not a simple and easy thing to do, and thus not everyone can complete their lesson in life.
    As human beings become increasingly civilized, the fields of precision computing and recording technology has constantly developed and advanced, collecting numerous success stories around the world, and examples where people failed just one step away from success. You can now use UniCon's ingenious computing technology to accurately calculate your own unique universe constant combination. At the same time, we will also provide you with the secrets of utilizing your constants (exploiting, improving and balancing), allowing you to complete your lifelong goal in a dignified and serious manner. Moreover, its price is low.
  • How does the UniCon universe constant work?

    UniCon universe constant consist of positive energy that can influence people's code of conduct, drastically changing the moral characters of a person, thereby pushing a person's destiny (refer to the codes of life) onto the path full of goodness and fortune, and so a happy life will lie right ahead.
  • Why do we need to wear or own a UniCon universe constant device?

    In fact, from the moment we were born, we had already begun to experience negative energy. If we say that every individual are able to live a happy life, do you believe it? But because of improper lifestyle and poor management of negative energy, in addition to environmental pollution and stress from daily life, our life is full of negative emotions and unpleasant results.
    All kinds of negative energy would have a great impact on our quality of life. When the negative energy is strong, our health level will be lowered, interpersonal relationships will be affected, work efficiency will be reduced, romantic relationships will be damaged, family will be disharmonious, and your luck for wealth will be unpleasant as well. The UniCon universe constant can effectively balance negative emotions and increase the positive energy, allowing you to live a happier life.
  • How can people make use of the precious positive energy contained in the universe constant?

    Universe constants are developed using state-of-the-art technology, so their precious positive energy can be easily adopted and used by people. During the manufacturing process, we used a forefront integrated collection technology to efficiently gather positive energy into the device. Coupled with transmission technology, the device can spread positive energy effectively, rapidly and widely, allowing owners to absorb it easily.
  • How to get the positive energy of the universe?

    The most representative, most functional and most close-by star in the universe is the sun. Therefore, UniCon universe constant's unique components are collected from the great energy of the sun. To do this, we use forefront integrated collection technology, making use of high-end multi-layered crystal lenses (multi-angle collection of energy, multi-layer gathering, amplification, and enhancement of energy, multi-layer filtration of solar impurities), and a high-end bell-shaped crystal box (balance amount of solar energy, enhance absorption ability, effectively protecting the device). We are also very particular about the collection place, because only the highlands full of yang energy are the best locations, these places are rich in strong positive energy, and connect to all directions. Therefore, it is possible to efficiently compress the positive energy of the sun into the device.
  • I don't believe in this, nor do I believe in superstition!

    Deja vu! The long history has proven the effects of the universe constants. Universe constants: 1. Integrity, 2. Humility, 3. Action, 4. Planning, 5. Dream, 6. Gratefulness, 7. Mercy, 8. Responsibility, 9. Giving, 0. Zero. Does it sound familiar? It seems that someone has taught, reminded, and even urged us on these before. Yes, they are our parents and relatives in our family, the principal and teachers in our schools, the elders and friends we are close to, our masters and fellow initiates in the religion, and our boss and colleagues in the company. Believe it? Only the right things can bring us a successful personality and morality, and so the above people are unanimous in convincing us that we must persist in executing these values, but knowing, understanding and executing are three different things! Only the correct scientific principles and philosophy are the noble path we should follow.
    For example:
    1. There are people who talk bossy, unreasonably, arrogantly, and falsely. Are you willing to communicate with such people? Or even become friends?
    2. Only action will bring you change, would it be good or bad? How high would you score? What will the results be? Do you agree to this?
  • Who needs the universe constant?

    Those who desire to attain success, who are team leaders (Boss, Leaders, Parent etc), who are early planners, who crave happiness, good health, wealth, wisdom, youth, satisfaction, happiness, goodness, those who are engaged in spiritual cultivation, and those who are compassionate and caring, as well as those who have begun to experience numerous negative energy can all choose to wear and embrace the UniCon universe constant.
  • When is the most appropriate time to start wearing it?

    In fact, from the moment we were born, we had begun to feel negative energy. Therefore, it is recommended that we can start embracing the UniCon universe constant from the moment we determine the date of birth, because it can clearly let us know and understand our strengths, weaknesses and exuberances, allowing us to plan a corresponding environment for growth, making a solid foundation in our life.
  • How to wear the device? How many should we wear?

    We suggest that you have to wear it every day in a prominent position, all the time and anywhere you go, because as long as you are exposed to the universe constant device, your positive energy will increase, allowing you to exploit your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and balance your exuberances, day after day, a happy life will become approachable. How many universe constant devices an individual should wear varies from person to person, and you can increase it according to your individual circumstances.
  • Will our body produce magnetic phenomena when we wear it?

    Generally speaking, it will not, but it is recommended that you keep it properly, clean up the dirt regularly, and often recharge your universe constant device to ensure that the device can function in optimal condition.
  • How long should we wear it?

    It is recommended that the adjustment period is 6 months. Our personal magnetic field energy had gradually become muddled after many years, and thus require sufficient time to purify and repair it. In addition, personal magnetic field energy differs for each individual, therefore, it must be worn continuously to effectively promote the readjustment and resetting of the magnetic field energy. Even so, how long you should wear the device is actually different from person to person. Some people are actively implementing, and so their effects are very significant in the short term. What is more important is that they should consistently maintain a positive attitude, so that they can achieve long-term success.
  • Do you need to improve the constant combination?

    If you can feel its benefits, you may wish to continue to upgrade the universe constant combination, and obtain a more comprehensive group of constants, which are able to serve a wider range of functions, and therefore, achieve all-round happiness and success. Moreover, wearing and using of the universe constants for long term will not cause any side effects at all. Even if you stop wearing it, there will be no dependency problems as well.
  • Comparing UniCon universe constant device with other energy products, which is better?

    Other energy products, such as: stones, pyramid, lucky numbers, religious instruments, etc., are based on the concept of "believe then it will exist", this is relatively mysterious, vague, difficult to understand and hard to implement, but the market demand has not been reduced.
    The UniCon universe constant is based on scientific principles and is adjusted based on individual circumstances. It clearly sets out and guides people on how to implement and embrace these positive energies. It is not only easy to understand, simple, stable and suitable for everyone, but also easy to implement and effective and has a reasonable price.
    Therefore, the effectiveness of other energy products naturally could not be compared with that of UniCon universe constant.
  • What is the difference between the UniCon universe constant and the code of life?

    The code of life refers to your innate fate, and fate cannot be changed, it is like a person being born in Bill Gates' family or an ordinary family, so there exists a huge difference. Therefore, the code of life is for your reference only, it is represented by the life number from 1 to 9, and it does not fully depict your life.
    However, luck and karma can be acquired throughout your entire life, so that bad things become good, and good things become better. It has a direct and intimate relationship with people's living environment, education, wisdom and moral qualities. Moreover, the acquired destiny is much more important in the lives of people.
    UniCon's universe constant consists of the innate fate (code of life) and the acquired destiny (universe constant), integrating the two, and using scientific principles as the foundation, the ingenious device is developed through top-notch scientific technology, allowing it to have significant effect, and reasonable price.
  • What is the difference between UniCon universe constant and Feng Shui or horoscope?

    Feng Shui in essence emphasizes on the combination of geographical location and numerology, but today people have strong mobility and thus many uncertainties exist, so the effect can imagine and is difficult to predict, but the market demand is not reduced.
    The horoscope is like the code of life, and is for reference only, it does not fully represent your life.
    The UniCon universe constant is based on scientific principles and is adjusted based on individual circumstances. It clearly sets out and guides people on how to implement and embrace these positive energies. It is not only easy to understand, simple, stable and suitable for everyone, but also easy to implement, effective and has a reasonable price.
  • Do I still need to continue to wear other energy or Feng Shui products?

    UniCon universe constant is a device that exudes positive energy, and can effectively purify, repair, adjust and reset personal magnetic field energy, allowing a person's moral character to drastically change for good, guiding people to make good use of their own innate constant and the acquired combination of UniCon universe constants, allowing them to exploit the strengths of their constants, improve the weaknesses of their constants, and balance the exuberances of their constants, so as to create a long-lasting happy and prosperous life. Consistently wearing and upgrading the universe constant combination is enough to provide people with the positive energy they need for a long time.
  • Does the UniCon universe constant contain religious elements?

    The universe constant does not contain any religious elements, but are based on scientific principles, clearly stating and guiding people how people can perform and embrace these positive energies.
  • Can it be used simultaneously with other religious products?

    The UniCon universe constant does not consist of any religious elements, so it not only will not conflict with any religious beliefs, but plays a complementary role, guiding people to do good deeds, strive for progress, and become a better person.